What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is an eye disorder where the cornea (the clear tissue covering the front of the eye) is abnormally curved, causing out-of-focus vision.

Astigmatism Contacts

Dr. Boyer offers thorough examinations to determine if you have astigmatism.  Many people with astigmatism believe that they can't wear contact lenses or that only rigid contact lenses (RGPs, also called GP lenses) can correct astigmatism.  This was true many years ago, but now soft toric contact lenses can correct astigmatism.
Toric lenses have a special correction built into them and may also contain a prescription for nearsightedness or farsightedness if you need it. Once diagnosed, the La Verne office of Dr. Boyer has the best selection of astigmatism contacts for you to choose from.

Astigmatism Effects

An astigmatism makes it difficult to see fine details, either close-up or from a distance. Usually it is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea (called corneal astigmatism).  But sometimes lenticular astigmatism results from an irregularly shaped lens, which is located behind the cornea. Treatment is with glasses or hard contact lenses which will correct astigmatism.  Soft contact lenses can also be used in many cases.  Severe astigmatism can be treated with surgery.

"The new soft toric contact lenses can actually correct astigmatism."

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