Corneal Reshaping

Corneal Reshaping / Ortho-K 

Corneal reshaping, also referred to as ortho-K or orthokeratology uses rigid gas permeable contacts to gently shape away nearsightedness. The lenses are worn  while the patient sleeps at night. After the lens are removed in the morning, the effect continues throughout the day, meaning that no other lenses are required. Bausch and Lomb offers their trademarked DreamLens which people sometimes refer to as dream lenses. These lens can be an effective alternative to glasses or LASIK. 

Better for Kids and Teens

Corneal reshaping offers an additional benefit for younger people because the progression of nearsightedness is often stopped altogether with a number of patients in this age group. In addition, since younger people are not eligible for LASIK until their eyes are fully grown, it is an exciting alternative to adolescents and teens giving them similar benefits to LASIK. Dr. Boyer has over 20 years experience with Ortho-K and excitedly endorses it as a great option for myopia. In fact Dr. Boyer has prescribed orthokeratology contact lenses for his own children.

Call to set an appointment if you think corneal reshaping might be right for you (or your kids)!  Dr. Boyer will give you a thorough exam and show you your options.

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La Verne Corneal Reshaping

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