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Come see our selection of sunglasses at Dr. Boyer Optometrist!

Nothing like a cool pair of shades...

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La Verne Sunglasses -
Claremont Sunglasses

Come visit Dr. Boyer Optometrist eye center for both your prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. If you are looking for La Verne Sunglasses or Claremont Sunglasses, this is the place!

An attractive model wearing designer sunglasses.
Non-Prescription Sun Glasses

Do you wear contacts, have LASIK or have a family member that needs non prescription sunglasses? Consider Dr.Boyer for your non prescription sunglasses. We carry all of the above high fashion sun glasses in a non prescription lens to wear over your contact lenses or with your LASIK surgery.

When you think of sunglasses think of Dr. Boyer: Prescription and non prescription sunglasses available in all styles and at competitive prices.

Prescription Sun Glasses

Dr. Boyer has a full line of sunglasses available in all the latest fashions. We carry Fendi, Maui Jim, Oakley, Nike, Ray Ban and many other styles. Also, sunglasses can be created with most non sunglass frames that you choose.

Prescription sun glasses are available with all the latest tints and coatings. Polarized lenses, anti-glair coating, UV filter, anti-scratch coating can all be added to the latest in custom tints. Research shows that UV protection is key in slowing down the development of cataract so sunglasses play an important part in keeping eyes healthy. 


Prescription sun glasses come with single vision distance lenses or bifocals with or without lines. If you wear bifocals or progressive lenses consider those same lenses in a sunglass. Reading by the pool or at the beach, checking a map in the car are all tasks that get much easier with a bifocal prescription in the sunglass.  So if you are looking for La Verne prescription sunglasses or Claremont prescription sunglasses, you have arrived!

We have a large selection of sunglasses. Come and see us!
Sunglasses Information
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