Mono vision contacts allow you to have one contact for distance and one for close up vision. Dr. Boyer optometrist can help you decide if monovision is for you.

Mono Vision Contacts Can Change Your Life!

What Are Mono Vision Contacts?

With monovision, you wear a contact lens on one eye to correct your distance vision and a contact lens on your other eye that corrects your near vision. 

Mono Vision Contact lens

Dr. Boyer has been actively involved with contact lenses since the early 80’s and can answer all of your questions about mono vision contact lens.  He has fit almost every contact lens design including bifocal contact lens, mono-vision, astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, soft lenses, hard lenses, toric lenses, keratoconus fits are all easily handled.

Dr. Boyer especially enjoys designing lens for those hard to fit eyes. If a doctor has told you that you cannot wear mono vision contact lenses and you are still interested, be sure and let our doctors know. We have helped many patients discover that, in fact, they can wear these lenses very comfortably.

monovision is sometimes spelled mono vision.  This attractive young lady shows that contacts can definitely change your appearance.
Is monovision for you? Come to Dr Boyer's optometry office and see!
Free Monovision Contact Lens trial

Inquire about our contact lens FREE TRIAL. Dr. Boyer can fit you with mono vision contacts (or any other appropriate contacts) FOR FREE. Give them a try.  If they don't work out, no charge to you and we'll find another solution for you that works. 


Technology has definitely affected mono vision contact lens wear in a very positive way. From young children to older people, there is a contact lens that will work in almost every case at almost any age.  Dr. Boyer is always pursuing the latest in contact lens design. The only constant in the contact lens world is change. As a result, the doctors look for every opportunity to be involved with newest and most advanced contact lenses available.

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La Verne Mono Vision
Contact Lens

Come see us at our La Verne office to get the best selection and services for your best La Verne mono vision contact lens.  Mono Vision contacts can change your life.

Dr. Boyer's La Verne optometry office has a huge selection of contacts including mono vision contact lens.

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