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Myopia Control

New Ways to Treat Myopia

There is good news. Myopia control can dramatically slow myopia progression as a child grows.  Through Ortho-K, contact lenses, multifocal soft contact lenses, eye drops, and other means the myopic changes can be significantly reduced, resulting in less nearsightedness by the time he/she graduates from high school. 

Be sure that your child has a yearly eye exam starting around school age.  We can help detect early signs of myopia progression and, with myopia control, help stop severe nearsightedness.

Dr. Boyer Optometrist Offices:

La Verne: (909) 596-6756 

Upland:    (909) 982-0100

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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is on the rise. Someone who is nearsighted can see up close ok but cannot see across the room.  This causes problems for school, work, sports, driving and many other activities.  While glasses or contact lenses easily correct this problem, they don't stop the myopia from increasing. Many youngsters will start out with a very minor prescription, but deteriorate to severe nearsightedness by the time they graduate from high school.  Severe myopia is not only inconvenient, but increases the risk of eye disease over time.

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